How do you balance not caring what others think with caring for other people with making art?

I don’t think there is a real answer for this question. I am sure Patrick would answer very differently but I am the one logged in tonight so you get me. When you make art for other people you have already failed. Your responsibility is to you and you alone to get what you want out there. With that said, I think decent people care about other people and bigger concepts and take those ideas into themselves. If you are making art for yourself those bigger ideas that fall under the umbrella of “caring for other people” should be covered.

However I do agree with Patrick in one regard. The art one makes can only ever be interpreted. Implying intent is guesswork at best and destructive at worst. If you read or hear or view something, you choose what it means to you and how that affects you, but you don’t get to choose that for either the creator or the other participants. It isn’t for you to decide what things mean to other people. With that caveat in mind, I hope to not make art that hurts the people around me. Sometimes I will. If it doesn’t run the risk of offending someone it probably wasn’t worth making though.