Let me make this clear that this is Matthew not Patrick writing this. Patrick probably hates all of these records so much, but that’s his thing. To be honest it was not a big year for new records for me either. I wish there were 50 records I loved but there weren’t, there were 6. Do better work in 2013 musicians I like.

10.CHEAP GIRLS-Giant Orange.

9. SELF DEFENSE FAMILY- Island 7” Series vol 2.


7. MOUNTAIN GOATS- Transcendental Youth.

6. CEREMONY-Rohnert Park LP

5. HOP ALONG- Get Disowned.

4. HOP ALONG- Get Disowned.

3. HOP ALONG- Get Disowned.

2. HOP ALONG- Get Disowned.

1. HOP ALONG- Get Disowned.

I have a few honorable mentions that got a lot of plays from me but were either not things I felt like should be in my top 10 or were put out in 2011 but I didn’t get into them hard until this year.

Honorable mentions-

Restorations. Indie Americana the way it should be. Songs that make being a sad fuck sound heroic. Came out in 2011.

Bonnie Prince Billy. It was just a Will Oldham year but I didn’t get his new record yet.

forgetters. Let’s be honest with each other, this record should be better than this.

Good Luck. Uptempo indie rock that hits all the right notes for 15 year old me to be totally in heaven, but made smarter and more current. Also made in 2011.

Bridge & Tunnel. Forever a favorite band of mine put out one of their smartest records yet. Post hardcore meets indie rock meets progressive punk. Came out in 2011 though.

Caves. I only heard this record this year. It is catchy in a way that is almost offensive and self aware enough to throw that in your face. 2011 though.

Wild Flag. Another “Ex members of” band that was simply haunted by it’s past greatness. Such lofty expectations. Such a 2011 release.

Leonard Cohen. New Leonard Cohen just makes me want to listen to old Leonard Cohen. Sorry. It’s a good record that makes me want to put on a different record.

DIIV. The rare band whose album I loved and who I don’t ever need to see live. It’s a great Stone Roses impersonation. It really is a great record. I just can’t love it like it’s a real thing. Maybe that’s just me.

SUMMER PEOPLE. One of the best bands playing right now do an ok approximation of their insane live show. The fact that Summer People aren’t the biggest band in the world right now is fucking crazy. Pitchfork y’all fucked up. Came out in 2011.

ARCADE FIRE. This record was fucking brilliant last year and it still is. I know that it’s a weird choice but I can’t leave this record behind.

SOUL CONTROL. The only other current hardcore band I like. If Burn stuck around long enough to find Dinosaur Jr. and Mudhoney records we would have Soul Control.

SUPERCHUNK. Majesty Shredding is even better than we thought it was.