Here is a selection of stuff we like. You should like it too.

Comic Creators-

Atlas Incognita is the brand name of our good buddy and great comic writer Frank Barbiere, writer of FIVE GHOSTS, THE WHITE SUITS, and BLACKOUT.

Michael Moreci is one of the great new generation of comic writers. Working on books like HOAX HUNTERS, SKYBREAKER, and ReincarNATE.

ED BRISSON writes some of my favorite comics right now and is just generally a good guy. Read COMEBACK and MURDER BOOK.

Comic Publishers-

Black Mask Studios is the brainchild of Matt Pizzolo (Halo-8/Godkiller), Steve Niles (30 Days Of Night/Criminal Macabre), and Brett Gurewitz (Epitaph Records/Bad Religion). They are also our publisher for TWELVE REASONS TO DIE along with other great projects like THE OCCUPY COMICS ANTHOLOGY, LIBERATOR, and BALLISTIC.

TRIP CITY is the online comics, art, and literature site that sprang from the brains of Dean Haspiel (American Splendor/Bored To Death), Seth Kushner (Leaping Tall Buildings/The Brooklynites), Jef UK (Americans UK), and the sexiest man in comics- Chris Miskiewicz (Everywhere). They are also the host of our book MENU which premieres a new story there every month.

Comic News, Culture, and Criticism Sites-

iFanboy is one of the best run sites on comics and comic culture. Good folks who are smart of comics.

Comic Resources-

Comic Shop Locator is the best way to find your local comic shop. Support local business and support the very existence of comics.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund defend free speech and the first amendment in comic related cases. They exist through the support of people like you and they exist for people like you.

Hero Initiative are a charity organization dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need. Comics spent decades not taking care of their own, it’s time to start setting that right.

RA Comics Direct are hands down the best on demand comics printers.

Forbidden Planet is not just one of the best comic book stores in the world, but they also ship worldwide. Also Matthew writes a weekly column for their blog which you can find here.

Music Stuff-

Self Defense Music aka Self Defense Family aka End Of A Year is the band that Patrick fronts. They put out a lot of records every year and tour the world playing squats, basements, legion halls, and disgusting bars. They used to be a “revolution summer”-esque hardcore band but now are more akin to the bastard offspring of Lungfish and Guided By Voices. This website is them answering questions that have almost nothing to do with music.

Red Leader Records is the record label Matthew co-owns. They put out records for awesome bands like Scream Hello, Dear Tonight, The New Dress, Attica! Attica!, Polar Bear Club, Nakatomi Plaza, Marathon, Strike Anywhere, and a bunch more. Go buy some music that makes you want to finger point or sing along or be a mopey sad sack.

SOUL TEMPLE MUSIC is RZA’s new label. We are writing Twelve Reasons To Die for them and they are putting out amazing music from Ghostface Killah, Adrian Younge, Rza, and many more.


Rooftop Films is the best film festival in the world.

Vaya Bags are the makers of the finest messenger bags in the world.